Spyce Brand Launch

Founded in an MIT frat basement, 4 young friends were on a mission to create a healthy and affordable lunch solution in the city. As robotics engineers, they got to building a machine that would end up positioning them to launch America’s first robotic kitchen in Boston Spring 2018!

JSGD was hired to help them launch through the creation of a strong brand family, interactive experiences both online and in the restaurant, and space consulting. From website and in-store ordering screen interfaces to animated loading screens (while the machine cooks) and clever interior/exterior signage, my team crafted a vibe that feels far from “robotic” with warm, human touches (something very necessary when there’s a huge machine making your meal in the room).

Voice and color were very important aspects of Spyce’s brand as we needed to come across as fresh, casual, and exciting. Striking the right balance of humor and wit was critical. And with so many new fast-casual restaurants opting for minimal color palettes, we knew using bright colors in subtle ways would help them stand out from the crowd. 


Always a fun treat, we were enlisted to consult on the direction of the physical space and worked with the team at longtime partner, Joe the Architect