Follain Brand Development

One of the first on the scene, Tara Foley’s clean beauty store, Follain, opened in Boston’s South End in 2013. JSGD quickly joined the movement and helped Tara launch her e-commerce site. This union kicked off a multi-year creative partnership where we had the unbelievable experience of helping Follain grow into a multi-million dollar company and secure a significant investment from LAUNCH.

As Creative Director, I guided my team in all aspects of work for the growing brand, from conception to execution. I worked hand in hand with Tara and her marketing coordinator to not only build brand standards for everyone involved to adhere to, but to develop a strong visual point of view and voice within the industry. 



We were able to develop a brand family and voice around her existing logo and the vibe of her (then solo) South End boutique. This set the tone for applications across all channels, from signage and packaging to digital strategy and direct to consumer marketing, even influencing photography direction. In order to ensure all brand decisions were filtered through this new set of standards, we created a brand book for internal use and employee on-boarding.


We launched Follain’s safety platform and searchable Restricted Substance List at 12:01 am on New Years Day, 2015. In anticipation of the launch, we built a campaign encouraging people to take their safety pledge as a resolution that year. The brand saw people all over the country taking the pledge and sharing the link with graphics across multiple channels (Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook). I’m so happy to have played a role in educating consumers on the dangers that lie within traditional beauty, skincare, and home products.



Meeting monthly with Tara and her growing team, we developed countless marketing campaigns which drove traffic to their new e-commerce site as well as their brick and mortar stores. When timing allowed, we worked with Follain to art direct photoshoots for supporting assets.



Follain was an early adopter, leading the way in the refillable and reusable forefront. We helped Tara expand her offering through the design of all house-brand packaging, including a refillable pouch which allowed consumers to purchase and transport more soap at each visit. During down time, in-store employees were tasked with pre-filling pouches with each scent from the large dispensers in the store, reducing wait time during peak store hours.

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